Health & Safety

Santa Marina Beach Hotel, in respect and accordance to the Greek law in relation to the human rights and safety, applies high standards of health and safety procedures in order to protect the human resources and at the same time to keep the level of quality of services to the highest level.

All the staff members are adults and are fully insured during their working time. Before they start working at the hotel, each of the staff members signs a specific contract which includes all the responsibilities and rights, the wage amount and all the terms and conditions regarding their job at our Hotel. One copy of this contract is given to the members of the staff and another copy is kept to the company’s records. The staff members are selected to be educationally certified and/or trained according to their position.

All the buildings of our hotel’s construction are equipped and connected to a central fire alarm system which contains a set of electric and electronic devices and equipment. These devices all work together to detect and alert people through visual and audio appliances
when smoke or fire is present. These alarms may be activated from smoke detectors, heat detectors, water flow sensors, which are located within the whole structure. The fire alarm system is regularly checked by our hotel’s engineers and follows all the Greek law and regulations regarding the fire protection systems. The members of the staff are outfitted by the necessary protection equipment (gloves,shoes, hats etc.) in order to avoid injuries during their work. At the beginning of every season all the staff is trained about how to work safely and how to appropriately and effectively use the equipment of our hotel. Regarding the safety and efficient usage of chemicals, a representative of our chemical supplier has trained our staff at the
beginning of the season.
Regarding the children (18 and under), there is a hotel policy in place which does not allow the use of the elevators or the swimming pools without the supervision of their parents. According to our hotel’s policy, all the children should be accompanied by their parents at all the areas of the hotel.

The entrance to the kitchen and the storages is forbidden for everyone except to the certified members of staff. There are special annotations on the doors or before the entrance to these areas to make aware of the non-certified people not to enter these areas.
A lifeguard station is located at the beach in front of our hotel, for the protection of the swimmers during the day. The lifeguard is responsible to inform the swimmers about how to swim safely and how to avoid unwanted situations. During the windy days a red flag is placed to the beach, which informs that the swimming during this day is not safe and is not allowed.

One of the first priorities of the management and the staff at Santa Marina Beach Hotel is the quality assurance.
In our hotel’s departments, we have developed some methods and procedures in order to determine the service aspects to be monitored and controlled in order to assure the quality of the provided service.
The suppliers are selected to be certified for their quality assurance methods and procedures.
All the food and beverages are being placed into the appropriate fridges, refrigerators and storage units.
The procedure of food making is controlled by specialized staff.
All the equipment (ovens, fridges, coffee makers) is certified and maintained according to the manufacturer’s specifications.
The temperature and the quality of food is being checked and recorded on a daily basis.
All the staff is specially trained to provide a high quality service.